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1. Install for the first time

Once activated, Admin users will see the blog at the front page. You can start writing posts now by going to Posts > Add New.

Blog layout of VideoFlix first install

2. Import demo data

Import Sample Data one-click

    After you activate theme, you will be navigated to Import Sample Data screen. There you have two ways to import sample data.
  1. This just is a backup method. Install the required and recommended plugins include Sample Data plugin first, then go to Tools > Install Demo Data.
  2. Recommended method In Import Sample Data, just click on "click here", accept your data can be erased. You can install demo data instantly. Your site will look like exactly what you see on our demo
  3. Import Sample Data one-click

2.1 Create Welcome page

Welcome page on VideoFlix Demo

On Videoflix, You can set up that when a guest user visit your website, "Welcome page" is the first page they'll see. They can not to view the main home page once they loggin. To create your own Welcome page, please follow these steps:

Set Welcome page as the first-come page for all visitors & Homepage for guest users

3. Learn full layout map

Below is the layout map of a Homepage when it is fully configured. This is really important for further steps, so click on each box to learn about it. Come back here if you have trouble understanding the layout ;)

Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

Full layout of VideoFlix

4. Configure Home Page

Once logged in, users will be redirected to the Homepage which has the layout as you see in the Layout Map section. To configure this page, please follow there steps:

4.1 Set Featured Videos

Featured video is shown up at the Header of Homepage. When you create or edit a video post, in Featured Video section, select Yes. If there a many Featured Video posts, it will take the latest Featured Video to display.

Option to select a video as featured video

Featured Image of latest featured video will be displayed at the home page as a Header Image

4.2 Configure Main Body

In Homepage, the Main Body displays the Thumbnail images of Video post by Categories.

5. Configure Sidebar & Widgets

Netflix provides less sidebar positions than its Parent theme - VideoPro as follow: Top Channel Sidebar, Footer Sidebar, Footer Welcome Page Sidebar and some other sidebars. Below are the instructions to configure the sidebars look like our demo.

5.1 Configure Top Channel Sidebar (appears above Footer)

To show top channels, drag Videopro Netfilx – Top Channel Widget into Top Channel Sidebar and set parameters as needed

Videopro Netfilx – Top Channel Widget

Top Channel Sidebar

5.2 Configure Footer Sidebar (appears in Footer)

Just drag & drop any widgets into your footer sidebar to show information as you want. We used Text, Custom HTML, Custom Menu & Videopro Social Account widgets for our demo.

You can drag any widgets into your Footer Sidebr

Footer Sidebar

5.3 Configure Footer Welcome Page Sidebar (Appears in Footer of Welcome page)

Similar to footer sidebar, but it is shown only in welcome page when users are not logged in. We used Text, Custom Menu & Videopro Social Account widgets for our demo.

Footer Welcome Page Sidebar is shown on Welcome Page only

Footer Welcome Page Sidebar

6. Configure Menus

You can configure the menus under Appearance > Menus. There are 4 types of menus. Primary Menu, Footer Menu, Logged in Menu & Custom Menu

You can configure the menus under Appearance > Menus.

7. Configure Theme Options

When installing Videopro Netflix child theme, it also has several specific options that you can use in Theme options panel.

Specific options for VideoFlix

8. FAQs

Q1: How to configure Login Page & User Menu?

A1: Please go to Theme Options > Videopro Netfilx > Login Type - Welcome Page, select Show Popup to quickly have a Popup Login form.
Otherwise, select Default, and follow this guide to build your own Login Page & User Menu

Q2: Where can I configure Submit Video button?

A2: Please refer to this guide: Post Submission

Q3: How can I use membership features?

A3: Please refer to these guide: Configure Membership & Build Membership Roles

Q4: How to get Watch Later & Subscribed Channel pages?

A4: Please refer to these guide: Watch Later & Subscribed Channel

Use the keyboard ;)

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